Nicholas Anthony Ascioti, Composer and Conductor

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Moto Perpetuo: Moving Works for Cello

PARMA Records has announced that the compilation CD Moto Perpetuo featuring Ascioti’s Adirondack Meditation was released on March 26, 2013. Moto Perpetuo is available from (click links for details or to purchase):

Moto Perpetuo CD; Nicholas A. AsciotiClick here for more information.

"Here at Navona, we believe that despite varied influences, styles, and techniques, contemporary works by a variety of carefully selected composers can unite to represent the classical landscape as a whole. On MOTO PERPETUO, a collection of moving works for cello by March, Bartholomew, Beeler, Sherrill, Gottschalk, and Ascioti, the music is bound by the instruments’ simultaneous steadfastness and adaptability and the composers’ shared ability to seize and control the instrument’s expressive timbre and range."

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Creation’s Voice

“Music is an engagement of the universal human spirit with the interior being. When there is no language to give voice to what lies within, music becomes the channel through which the spirit can speak...”

Richard H. Hibbert, Creation’s Voice Liner Notes

Creations Voice CD; Nicholas A. Ascioti

Creation’s Voice is a collection of five song cycles that combines the colors and textures of the voice with creative instrumentation. This collection features texts by Richard H. Hibbert and Canadian poetess Margaret Atwood. The imagery of the poems are accentuated by Ascioti’s word painting skills.

Musicians on the CD include: Eileen Strempel, soprano, Mark Lawrence, tenor, Kenneth Myer, guitar, Christopher Dranchek, flute, Patricia DeAngelis, piano, George Macero, cello, John Lathwell, oboe, Karlinda Caldicott, harp, and Sylvie Beaudette, piano.

Creation's Voice is available at Albany Music and at

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